Attending an Event

For visitors to Coventry Central Hall – and attendees of events – we have collated as much information as we think you ought to know before you arrive.


As we are located right in the heart of Coventry City Centre there are a selection of car parks close-by – use this link to find out more!

Local accommodation

If you need to stay over in Coventry, either before, during or after your event then we have compiled a list of a few places which provide these services.


Whether your travelling locally, or from afar, Coventry Central Hall is incredibly easy to find. Whether you are travelling via bus, train or car you will be able to find that information here.


At Coventry Central Hall we understand that an event can be quite a hectic day and if catering hasn’t been booked we have Wesley’s Coffee Lounge on site which can provide you with cold or hot meals throughout the day.


Follow this link to find all information regarding access and special arrangements available at Coventry Central Hall.


We endeavour to make internet access available to all our customers of the Conference Centre and Wesley’s Coffee Bar. Wi-fi is available throughout the building. Please speak to any of the staff for the password.


If you feel that the information you require is not on any of these pages then please give us a call on 024 7622 3564 – and let us know if we have missed anything out!